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Windows Can’t Change Public Network to Private Network – solved

If you can’t change your Public Network to a Private Network on a Windows 10 PC or Windows Server 2012 box, I have the solution for you!


Short version… Run the following PowerShell commands as an Administrator. Modify the 2nd command to match the InterfaceIndex of the network you want to change from the first command.

Set-NetConnectionProfile -InterfaceIndex 7 -NetworkCategory Private

I’m new to PowerShell (or “What’s PowerShell?”) and I need more info!


Are you having trouble connecting to your Windows 10 or Windows Server 2012 computer via RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) or another service like TeamViewer? It may be because your active network is set to a Public network. The problem is that when you go to “Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Network and Sharing Center” you are unable to change the Public Network to a Private network because it it “greyed out” or the dropdown is gone altogether.

This is what mine looked like:

Can't change Public Network to a Private Network on Windows 10 PC or Windows Server 2012

The best option I’ve found is a simple PowerShell command to fix it.

If you are new to PowerShell… Click on Start, scroll down to W, find the Windows PowerShell folder, click to expand it, now, *this is important*, RIGHT click on Windows PowerShell and select Run as Administrator. A blue screen with white writing should open up – if this screen doesn’t say “Administrator: ” at the top, the 2nd command below will likely fail.

Type the following followed by Enter:


Find the line that says InterfaceIndex and make note of the number. If you have multiple networks you may have to change more than one.

Now type the following, but modify the number to match the InterfaceIndex you want to modify, then hit enter:

Set-NetConnectionProfile -InterfaceIndex 7 -NetworkCategory Private

At minimum this should get this network setting resolved! If this didn’t solve your actual problem, check your firewall settings and your security software!