Install Nutanix CE Nested on ESXi Walkthrough – Part 1

Install Nutanix Community Edition (CE) Nested on VMware ESXi v6.7 Walkthrough – Part 1

Register on the Nutanix community site:

Go here:


Disk Image-based Full Install

Hash: 092a9b7042ea3168732c09d4df15293e
Check it!

Extract the file

Install StarWind V2V Converter if you don’t have it.

-> Select Convert a local file

-> Browse to the .img file and then click Next.

You need to select a standard ESX server image .vmdk and not the growable one. I tried the growable one several ways and didn’t get it to work.

Notice that disk type is greyed out. That is okay.:

I suggest naming the file so that it matches the name of your virtual machine.

While it is converting, which will take a moment, go ahead and create the base VM. The following is the base configuration/minimum requirements:

Create the VM, then go and upload the .vmdk and -flat.vmdk files to the folder on the datastore where the VM is located. You can see the remnants of some of my testing with converted growable .vmdks that I later removed from the datastore.

Make sure to Expose hardware assisted virtualization to the guest VM:

–> Add SATA Controller 0

–> Add an existing hard disk, point it to the recently uploaded .vmdk and then assign it to the SATA Controller at port 0:0.

I changed my VM Firmware to BIOS and forced BIOS entry on next boot.

I modified the boot order:

On the way to a successful install!

Stay tuned for part 2 when we continue the install…

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