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Install Nutanix CE Nested on ESXi Walkthrough – Part 1

Install Nutanix Community Edition (CE) Nested on VMware ESXi v6.7 Walkthrough – Part 1

Register on the Nutanix community site:

Go here:


Disk Image-based Full Install

Hash: 092a9b7042ea3168732c09d4df15293e
Check it!

Extract the file

Install StarWind V2V Converter if you don’t have it.

-> Select Convert a local file

-> Browse to the .img file and then click Next.

You need to select a standard ESX server image .vmdk and not the growable one. I tried the growable one several ways and didn’t get it to work.

Notice that disk type is greyed out. That is okay.:

I suggest naming the file so that it matches the name of your virtual machine.

While it is converting, which will take a moment, go ahead and create the base VM. The following is the base configuration/minimum requirements:

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Nexenta VMware Hardware Acceleration Unknown – Solved

If you are using Nexenta or Nexenta CE (Community Edition) v4.04 you may have noticed that within VMware, the Hardware Acceleration (VAAI) status is listed as Unknown.


Nexenta v4.04 and possibly some other versions ship with VAAI in a default / disabled state. Follow these steps to Enable Hardware Acceleration:
  1. Download and extract the Nexenta vaaictl python script from the following link:
    • If the link doesn’t work, I have pasted the output of the file below.)
  2. Copy the vaaictl file to your Nexenta box to /tmp
    • Using WinSCP with windows via SFTP works well for this.
  3. SSH into your Nexenta box using PuTTY or another tool. Enter Expert mode by running:
    option expert_mode =1


  4. Run the following commands to check the status of VAAI:
    cd /tmp
    chmod 555 ./vaaictl
    ./vaaictl --status
    • Output: “Current status is defaulted.”
  5. To enable VAAI, run the following:
    sudo ./vaaictl --enable
    • Output: “Changing from defaulted to enable”
  6. You can now re-check the status of VAAI:
    ./vaaictl --status
    • Output: “Current status is enabled.”

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