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ScaleIO SDS Components Selection Greyed Out – Solved

<Solved> Problem:
EMC ScaleIO SDS Components Select Devices Greyed Out. This is on the Add devices to SDSs step when using the ScaleIO for VMware Installation Wizard (Deploy ScaleIO environment from the main ScaleIO plugin page) as can be seen in the following screenshot:

On the main EMC ScaleIO page within the Web Client click on Advanced Settings on the right as shown here:


Now select the first check box: Enable VMDK creation. If you want to use RDMs, also select Enable RDMs on non Parallel SCSI controllers. Screenshot:


In my case, I was now able to proceed with the deployment!

Another little trick, if you’ve closed out of the deployment wizard, your progress will be saved. When you click on “Deploy ScaleIO environment” again, it gives you the option to resume where you left off, which is a nice time saver.

Good luck,